About the IUA

What is the IUA?

The International Underwriting Association of London (IUA) is the representative body for companies in London providing international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance coverage.

Mission Statement

To secure an optimal trading environment for London insurance companies.


The IUA was formed on 31 December 1998, through the merger of the London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association (LIRMA) and the Institute of London Underwriters (ILU). This union brought together the representative bodies for the marine and non-marine sectors of the London company insurance market.

The ILU's history in the marine, aviation and transport insurance markets dates back to 1884. Senior members of marine insurance companies had, since the 1850s, been meeting informally in the Jerusalem Coffee House and the Jamaica Wine Rooms near the Royal Exchange to discuss policy wordings and other matters of mutual interest. A proposal was made to establish a formal representative underwriting association in July 1882 and two years later the new ILU took up offices in the Royal Exchange Buildings.

LIRMA was formed in 1991 from the merger of previous insurance associations, established in the 1960s and 1970s, to support non-marine insurance business and reinsurance.

In 2019 the IUA celebrated 20 years of representing the London company market. More details, including a picture gallery of our anniversary event are available here.


Transform business processes by driving a modernising agenda of digitisation and automation
The IUA is at the forefront of market modernisation initiatives, promoting the design and implementation of modern processes and electronic interfaces using ACORD data standards. From placing to claims and accounting and settlement, our objective is to enable a more efficient marketplace.

Deliver knowledge and expertise for innovative underwriting and claims handling
A comprehensive range of market groups is run by the IUA to support best practice throughout the insurance life cycle.   

Represent members on matters of public policy and regulation
Legislation, regulation and compliance obligations are continually changing. The IUA assists members by monitoring and responding as necessary to authorities both in the UK and internationally. 

IUA members

Employees of IUA member companies can sign in or register for access to an extensive range of research and market intelligence.


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Finding member companies

There are three categories of IUA membership which are outlined below. Full lists of IUA member companies may be viewed by clicking on the links below.