About the IUA

Joining the IUA

There are currently three categories of membership available within the IUA:

Ordinary – denotes full membership status with voting rights and an active involvement in the governance and operation of the association. Ordinary membership is open to international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance companies that hold a license from their domiciliary regulator to transact such business. In practice, most Ordinary members tend to operate in or through London.

Associate – open to insurance and reinsurance companies outside of London. Associate members may attend the association’s annual general meeting, but have no voting rights. They receive a basic publication service.

Affiliate – there are two types of affiliate membership designed to suit the needs of applicants. Some affiliate members prefer to participate in the claims-related work of the IUA as they provide run-off services to their clients. Alternatively we offer an affiliate membership for promotional activities whereby affiliates can benefit from controlled access to ordinary members via various media channels. 

Benefits of Membership

Influencing and benefiting from digital transformation 
The IUA has been involved with cross-market process modernisation initiatives since their inception: consulting, informing members and ensuring that the company market perspective is taken into account at all times. Members are given every opportunity to participate in the design and implementation work for Accounting & Settlement, Electronic Claims and Electronic Placing and are able to share experiences with other members through focused networking groups.

Operational support for companies
IUA members can benefit from services including market statistics, compliance guidance, underwriting, claims and other practitioner committees (including Joint IUA/LMA committees), recommendation of good practice, and various publications (e.g. model wordings) to assist practitioners. Meeting with co-insurers under an association umbrella provides a safer environment compatible with competition law for joint discussion of issues.

Shared ownership of Ins-sure
The IUA has an opportunity to influence the governance of Ins-sure through 25% ownership and a shareholders’ veto. The IUA Service Review Panel monitors Ins-sure core services for price, quality and range, and the IUA has policy involvement in infrastructure issues (e.g. Insurers’ Market Repository, accounting and settlement) with Ins-sure on behalf of members. Dividends and other proceeds arising from the 25% IUA ownership of Ins-sure are passed on to all companies holding an Ordinary membership at a prescribed date agreed by the Board.

Supporting a single voice for companies in the London market
The IUA is a respected voice in its representation of members’ interests to regulators and legislators in the UK and internationally, including the UK PRA and FCA, EU institutions and the US NAIC, NCOIL, FIO. The IUA’s views are often sought early in major consultation exercises and recognised by opinion formers as a voice to be heard. We aim to fully understand the issues that matter most to our members. The IUA is also the company market arm of the London Market Group, allowing our members to cooperate with Lloyd's and brokers to speak, where necessary, with a powerful single voice.

Information and research
IUA members benefit from regular newsletters, market briefings, research projects (e.g. bodily injury studies, sanctions database), alerts to market developments/issues through circulars, opportunities to network, news digests and promotion of education and training. Our aim is to provide networks and other flows of information through which ideas and best practice can be shared among companies of every shape and size.

IUA Website
Each individual working for IUA ordinary member companies is able to register and view the members only sections of the IUA website. The website offers full access to all communications and research published by the association.

For further information on the benefits of IUA membership please download the following brochures:

Joining the IUA 
A detailed examination of the advantages afforded by IUA membership, from both a corporate and practitioners viewpoint.

IUA and Beyond
An explanation of how IUA membership provides opportunities to engage and influence the wider global re/insurance industry.

To enquire about joining the IUA email Dave Matcham or telephone +44 (0)20 7617 4444 

IUA members

Employees of IUA member companies can sign in or register for access to an extensive range of research and market intelligence.


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Finding member companies

There are three categories of IUA membership which are outlined below. Full lists of IUA member companies may be viewed by clicking on the links below.