Information as of: 22nd May 2019

Latest Updates
UN All restrictive measures are extended until 26 Feb 2020 under S/Res/2456 (2019)
US  All restrictive measures introduced under EO 13611 were extended from until 16 May 2020


Financial/Other Sanctions
UN S/Res/2140 (2014) - wef 26 Feb 2014 extended by S/Res/2456 (2019)
US EO 13611 (May 2012)

CFSP 2014/932

Arms Embargo
Further Details
UN S/Res/2140(2014) - effective from 26 Feb 2014 imposes asset freeze & travel ban on all designated individuals & entities. S/Res/2402 (2018) Extends asset freeze and travel ban on all designated entities until 26 Feb 2019. 14 Apr 2015 S/Res/ 2216/2015 adds individuals to asset freeze and travel ban and also imposes arms embargo on Houthi Rebels in Yemen.  All restrictive measures are renewed under S/Res/2456 (2019) until 26 Feb 2020.
US EO 13611 blocks the property of persons threatening the peace, security or stability of Yemen. Extended until 16 May 2020.On 9 Nov 2012, OFAC issued the new Yemen Sanctions Regulations, 31 CFR part 552, to implement & provide guidance on EO 13611 of 16 May 2012. SDN updated periodically.
EU/UK Council Decision : 2014/932/CFSP imposes asset freeze and travel ban on those who are engaging in or providing support for acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of Yemen. SDN list updated periodically.
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