Information as of: 31st July 2022

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Financial/Other Sanctions
UN S/Res/1844 (2008), S/RES/2444 (2018)
US EO 13536 (Apr 2010), updated July 2011, EO 13536  and EO 13620 
EU Reg 147/2003, updated September 2011.
The Somalia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 wef: 31 Dec 2020.
Arms Embargo
UN S/Res/733 (1992) Partially lifted by S/Res/2093 (2013). S/Res/2385, S/RES/2444 (2018) S/Res/2498 (2019)
US EO 13536 (April 2010).
EU 2010/231/CFSP amended by 2013/201/CFSP (2013).   (CFSP) 2020/170
The Somalia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 wef: 31 Dec 2020. 
Further Details
UN Financial assistance for military activities prohibited (some exceptions S/Res/1772, reaffirmed S/Res/2010). Measures for investigating financial, maritime & other sectors (S/Res/1724), possible targeted measures for violators (S/Res/1772). S/Res/1816 allows military forces, with agreement of govt, to enter Somali waters to repress piracy, particularly in the Gulf of Aden (reaffirmed by S/Res/1950 - Nov 2010 & S/Res/2020 - Nov 2011). Further UN action limited to urging IMO, shipping & insurance industries to apply best management practices developed to combat piracy (S/Res/1851, reiterated in S/Res/1897, S/Res/1976 & S/Res/2020). S/Res/1844 (Nov 2008) imposes sanctions on those identified as hampering peace process, reiterated in S/Res/2002 & S/Res/2060 (25 Jul 2012). S/Res/2077 (21 Nov 2012) addressed piracy in some detail & urged State activity to combat & prosecute instances of piracy. S/Res/2036 (2012) imposed a ban on the direct or indirect import of charcoal from Somalia, whether or not such charcoal originated in Somalia and that Somali authorities shall take the necessary measures to prevent the export of charcoal from Somalia. Member States to inspect in Somali waters or on the high seas vessels bound for Somalia which they have reasonable grounds to believe are carrying weapons to Somalia in violation of the arms embargo or charcoal in violation of the charcoal ban. S/Res/2383 affirms that certain sanctions do not apply to the financing of the supplies of weapons and military equipment or the provision of assistance destined for the sole use of Member States, international, regional, and sub-regional organisations undertaking cooperation with Somali authorities in the fight against piracy and armed robbery at sea. S/Res/2142 states that the arms embargo on Somalia shall not apply to deliveries of arms to the Security Forces in Somalia (unless item specifically noted). Renewed by S/Res/2385 until 15 Nov 2018. S/Res/2385 states that the freezing of funds shall not apply to the payment of funds, other financial assets or economic resources necessary to ensure the timely delivery of humanitarian assistance in Somalia. Measures reaffirmed periodically. S/RES/2385 renewed until 15 Nov 2019 under S/RES/2444 (2018). Measures against piracy and exceptions to arms embargo renewed until 3 Dec 2021 by S/Res/2554 (2020).
US Freeze on assets of designated individuals (most recently updated Jul 2012) deemed to have been engaged in acts that threaten peace, security or stability (including piracy). On the 12th April 2019 the restrictive measures introduced under EO 13536 were extended for a yearOFAC extended restrictive measures under the national emergency declared in EO 13536 and EO 13620 for a year as of 12 April 2020.
EU Arms embargo & ban on services (reaffirmed by 2010/231/CFSP - list of designated entities updated periodically (most recently Oct 2012 via Reg 633/2012), including inspection of & prior information requirement on certain cargoes to & from Somalia. 2013/201/CFSP (2013) relaxes arms embargo in line with UN S/Res/ 2093. EU 478/2014, effective 12 May 2014, renews UN relaxation of arms embargo in respect to certain security forces in line with UN S/Res/ 2142 (2014). CFSP 2015/335 Implements UN S/Res/2182 (2014).  On the 6 Feb 2020 the EU adopted (CFSP) 2020/170 which implemented UN S/Res/2498 in respect of arms embargo. SDN list updated periodically.
The Somalia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 incorporates EU sanctions into UK law wef: 31 Dec 2020. 
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