South Sudan

Information as of: 31st June 2022

Latest Updates
Arms Embargo
UN S/Res/2428 (2018) imposes an arms embargo effective from 13 July 2018. S/Res/2471(2019). S/Res/2521 (2020). S/Res/2577 (2021).
US U.S. Dept of State implemented arms embargo effective 14 Feb 2018.
EU Council Decision 2011/423/CFSP (July 2011).
The South Sudan (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 wef: 31 Dec 2020. 
Further Details
UN 3 March 2015 (S/Res/2206 (2015)) asset freeze and travel ban of designated entities and individuals. Travel ban and assets freeze imposed by S/Res/2206 (2015) (relating to Sudan and South Sudan) extended until 31 May 2019 by S/Res/2428 (2018) which also imposed an arms embargo effective from 13 July 2018. All restrictive measures renewed until 31 May 2020 under S/Res/2471All restrictive measures imposed under S/Res/2206 were renewed for a further year until 31 May 2021 under S/Res/2521 (2020)All travel, financial and arm embargo restrictions stated under S/Res/2428 (2018) and S/Res/2206 were extended until 31 May 2022 under S/Res/2577 (2021).
US Apr 2011, OFAC clarified that existing measures relating to Sudan would not extend to South Sudan (specific licenses available for petroleum & petrochemical transactions), although a number of transactions where there is interdependency of economies between Sudan & South Sudan require a license. Oct 2011 - OFAC clarified that Bank of South Sudan no longer considered linked to govt. EO issued 3 Apr 2014 allows for the blocking of property of individuals & entities that threaten the peace & stability or security of South Sudan. Effective 2 July 2014 OFAC issued regulations implementing EO 13664 & they intend to supplement them with a more comprehensive set of regulations in the future. U.S. Dept of State implemented arms embargo effective 14 Feb 2018. Restrictive measures under EO 13664 were extended beyond Apr 2019. SDN list updated periodically.  Restrictive measures stated under EO 13664 were renewed for a further year as at 1 Apr 2020. The national emergency declared inExecutive Order 13664was extended for a year wef 3 April 2021.  On the 30th March the US updated its sanctions framework for EO 13664 to continue with effect beyond 3rd April 2022 (no expiry date provided).
EU Council Decision noting a number of designated entities & an arms embargo in South Sudan - extended to ban on provision of technical / financial assistance in relation to military activities in Sudan / South Sudan (Nov 2011). EU clarified that South Sudan is subject to certain sanctions imposed on Sudan (Nov 2011, Reg 1215/2011). Council Reg 748/2014 effective 10 July 2014 separates the Sudan and South Sudan measures and replaces Reg 131/2004 - same measures remain. 7 May 2015 - Council Reg 2015/735 enacts UN S/Res/2206 (2015).Council Decision (CFSP) 2018/1125 implements UN resolution S/Res/2428 (2018). SDNs updated periodically.
The South Sudan (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 incorporates EU sanctions into UK law wef: 31 Dec 2020. 
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