Information as of 31st December 2020

Latest Updates
US  All restrictive measures under EO 13067, as expanded by EO 13400, renewed until 31 October 2021.
Financial/Other Sanctions
UN S/Res/1672(Apr 2006). S/Res/2290 (2016)
US EO 13067 (1997), updated by EO 13400 (Apr 2006) and EO 13412 (Oct 2006). Sections 1 and 2 of EO13067 and all of EO13412 revoked wef 12 Oct 2017 by EO13804.
EU/UK 2005/411/CFSP.
Arms Embargo
UN S/Res/1672(Apr 2006).
US EO 13067 (1997), updated by EO 13400 (Apr 2006) and EO 13412 (Oct 2006).
EU/UK 2005/411/CFSP.
Further Details
UN Mar 2005 UN extended arms embargo (S/Res/1591, extends S/Res/1556) to include all parties to N'djamena Ceasefire Agreement & other belligerents in Darfur area, travel ban & freezing of funds of designated entities & individuals. Embargoes on certain services (S/Res/1672). Mandate of UN Security Force Abyei (UNSFA) extended until 12 March 2017.
US Freezing of assets & trade embargo (SDN list updated periodically, latest 9 Mar 2016) apply particularly to petrochemical & petroleum industries (exemptions for trade relating to humanitarian assistance & goods / services & for agricultural (favourable licensing regime introduced for export of agricultural goods - Oct 2010 - & food - Oct 2011) & medical goods (Sep 2009) to govt, also exemptions for certain electronic communication providers (general licence amended Feb 2015). OFAC issued general licence authorising certain academic and professional exchanges effective 11 Aug 2014. WEF 17 Jan 2017 OFAC Issued General Licence to authorise several previously prohibited transactions including certain imports to and from Sudan. Effective from 12 Oct 2017, EO 13804 revokes certain sanctions with respect to Sudan and the Government of Sudan. OFAC issued FAQs regarding revocation and General Licence to authorise certain exports.  All restrictive measures under EO 13067, as expanded by EO 13400, renewed until 31  October 2021.
EU/UK Embargoes on arms & certain services & freezing of funds of designated entities & individuals (2005/411/CFSP). Council Reg 747/2014 repeals regulations 131/2004 and 1184/2005 and re-imposes further financial sanctions under the regime. SDN list updated periodically.
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