IUA Circular 010/22

“Assertiveness in Communication”
How to conduct successful and assertive conversations

with Paul Hodder, Founding Director, BiteSize Learning Limited


Event Date:  Wednesday 16 March 2022

Time: 12 noon for approx 1 hour  (UK/London time)

Subject:  This market briefing will help participants to understand the factors that influence our levels of assertiveness and provide practical tools for stronger communication with more positive outcomes. 

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

This is a free event, but names and email addresses of all attendees are required for registration.  Please click here to register.

“Communication works for those who work at it.” – John Powell

(John Powell: English composer, best known for his  film scores such as "Thor" and "Harry Potter")

Communication training promotes better working relationships and helps employees present clear and positive messages. 

However, many business people experience concerns that they are not being listened to or perhaps have been misunderstood, which is why communication is vital for great team work and collaboration.

Whether inspiring others to achieve goals, building relationships, or influencing decision-making, you need to communicate effectively – in writing, virtually, and in person.

At this market briefing training session, our speaker will address the key challenges – with memorable tactics, easy-to-apply frameworks, and engaging exercises.

Participants will be given tools and techniques to adopt an assertive and professional approach and increase the effectiveness of their communication. In addition, attendees will learn how to avoid using language that reduces the effectiveness of the message and understand ways to appear more confident and take the pressure off in situations where they feel less comfortable.

Our Speaker: 
Paul Hodder
is a founding Director of BiteSize Learning Limited. In addition to running a growing business, Paul is an HR and L&D professional with extensive experience in leadership development and organisational change. Paul has directed large multinational HR and learning development projects and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Paul has operated as the head of a large corporate university in Chicago and as Head of HR for companies in the UK and America. Taking time to understand the true needs of his clients, Paul is driven by the belief that work should be an enjoyable experience and that inclusion, achievement and growth form the foundation of success. He has trained leaders based on all seven continents and worked in industries that range from banking to gaming, and insurance to engineering.

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