IUA Circular 072/21

A joint IUA HR & Training Committee and IUA DTMG Group presentation

"The growing skills gap – ignore, or act?"
How to create a culture of innovation and thrive in a digital-driven world 

with Caroline Bedford, Chief Executive Officer, EDII and guest speakers

Event Date:  Wednesday 15 September 2021

Time:   2pm/14.00 hrs (UK/London time) for approx 1 hour

Subject:  This market briefing, hosted by representatives from the IUA HR & Training Committee and IUA DTMG Group, welcomes EDII to look at practical ways to upskill the workforce of today with the innovative skills necessary to thrive.  

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager  (020 7617 4451)

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Despite the London insurance market being the global leader, it’s clear that there is an abundance of skills that the market must cultivate if it is to retain the status quo. The gaps are deeper than just people and knowledge.

This skills gap is a problem that the market must address; not only to attract and retain talent, but to upskill today’s existing workforce with the innovative skills necessary to thrive.

At this market briefing, attendees will hear from Caroline and guest speakers on how to explore practical solutions to these shortcomings. Under discussion will be the culture of innovation and the growth of the ‘corporate creative’, the impact of emerging technologies on the workforce, the skill and beauty of learning to think differently.  Particular attention to more inventive ways in how we organically share innovation and creativity skills will also be highlighted.
Our Speaker: 
Caroline Bedford
, Chief Executive Officer at EDII, has held various digital transformation and development roles in the insurance industry. Most recently, in her role at DXC Technology, Caroline founded the Digital Minds programme and served as London Insurance Market Modernisation Lead (2013-2016) and London Insurance Market Account Manager, Digital, and Head of DXC Digital Minds, Insurance (2016–2020). Prior to DXC Technology, Caroline served as Head of Insurance Product Training and Lead Analyst, Underwriting at Markel International and has spent her career in the specialty insurance sector.

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