IUA Circular 009/24

Ballast General Average – No cargo? No problem! 

with guest speaker: Nanami Hara, Fellow, Association of Average Adjusters
Event Chair: Burkhard Fischer, Chairman, Association of Average Adjusters

This market Briefing will be: HYBRID

Event Date:  Tuesday 19 March 2024

Time: 12noon for approx 1 hour  (UK/London time) 
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Post-event buffet luncheon
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Venue: Aldgate/Bishopsgate Rooms, Cavendish Conference Centre, one America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3

Subject:   At this market briefing, our guest speaker will discuss the principle and allowances in ballast GA cases and policy coverage under English and other common clauses. 

Contact: Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

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General average cases normally involve the vessel and the cargo on board, but there can still be GA when the vessel does not have cargo on board, known as ballast GA.

The absence of cargo does not change the principle of GA where interested parties generally contribute to expenses incurred for the common safety and safe prosecution of the voyage. However it does raise some important questions to consider: Who would contribute to GA? What is the voyage? How can the shipowners recover the costs?

At this market briefing, our guest speaker will discuss the principle and allowances in ballast GA cases and policy coverage under English and other common clauses.

Nanami is a qualified Fellow of the Association of Average Adjusters and works for RELA. She is involved with handling and advising on marine claims, including general average, particular average, total loss, collision liability, sue and labour and loss of hire.

Burkhard is a Fellow and current Chairman of the Association of Average Adjusters. He is a director of Albatross Adjusters Ltd. and based in Cyprus.

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