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 Tom Hughes    Joe Shaw
The IUA’s Casualty Claims Group meets regularly to discuss key emerging claims trends impacting a broad range of casualty classes. It liaises closely with the IUA’s Casualty Treaty Group  and Liability Underwriters’ Group

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The Rehabilitation Code

The Rehabilitation Code provides an approved framework for injury claims that enables claimant representatives and compensators to work together. Its aim is to promote the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in the compensation process so that the injured person makes the best and quickest possible medical, social and psychological recovery. The Code was published by the Rehabilitation Working Party which included representatives from the IUA, the Association of British Insurers, Lloyd's, primary insurers, legal groups, care providers and the NHS.
A copy of the code can be downloaded via the link below. Also available is a guide for case managers that is designed to supplement the code in relation to claims for personal injury.
The 2015 Rehabilitation Code
Case Managers' Guide 2015